What’s NEXT: What todo after you fill out our Personal Style Assesment

You can call to set up a free 15 minute consultation to review the results of your Personal Style Assesment or you can read our series here on recommended next steps and how to anazlyze each section:

Part 3: How to Interpret your answers for Your Body portion of the personal style Assesment

In order for you to be able to figure out what brands will work well for you, need to know youre measurements and sizing. A straight size XXL is going to fit very differently from a 2XL in plus size or a plust size petite or straight size petite. Understanding your body, your emotions surounding your body will allow us to help you figure out what kind of clothing you may need to source and where to source it.

Questions 1 through 3: These questions let us know where you currently are sizing or measurements wise. As well while we don’t subscribe personally to saying you have a specific color season, we do believe that utilizing color theory can help us help you figure out what shade of your favorite colors or what colors you want to wear if you want to highlight your eyes.

Questions 4 & 5: This lets us know where you may need help mentally in accepting your body measurements. Here at Zahavi & Schwartz we believe that any size and aged person should have access to clothing that makes them feel good, comfortable, and expresses their personal style. If you are in a negative head space surrounding your body, we might be able to temporarily assist with getting dressed, but we recommend you working with a liscensed mental health professional on overcoming any negative and non neutral feelings towards your body.

If you answered As: we recommend proceeding with any analysis provided for Part 1 and 2, and continue to advice advised in part 4 so the full assesement. You are in a good enough space that you can either work with us on achieving your personal style or DIYing it through our recommendations.

If you Answered B or C : We recommend booking a free consultation: We will most likely recommend taking a Kibbe Body Type Test, Getting your color analysis done, and then creating a vision board of your most idealized style. Then you should either work with us or DIY a closet purge, closet re-shop, and work with a personal stylist (either us or a store that offers that service such as Nordstrom) to shop with in your personal style and get items where your wardrobe might have holes.

If you Answered D: We recommend doing some self reflection and potentially working with mental health professional or life coach first. You may want to build a temporary utilitarian wardrobe that is comfortable, once you get to place of neutrality and acceptance of your body’s size and look. Once in a good headspace we then recommend moving forward with creating a vision board of your idealized style and calling us so we can recommend how to potentially achieve that with in your budget.

Have some more questions? Email Orly@zahavischwartz.com and she can get you scheduled for your free 15 minute personal style assesment

Note if you have specific questions about Closet Architeture or a Closet Purge or a Closet Re-shop you can purchase indivualized in-person services(NJ/NY/EASTERN PA/CT ONLY) or virtual sessions. We also will be releasing our popular classes we teach with Ridgewood Community School Virtually by the end of 2024. If you would like a step by step DIY version be on the look out for those or join us in class!