Transforming Your Style

Transforming Your Style

You have to get ready….

You’re just about to look into your closet…..

closet-rehabA wave nausea hits your stomach, body temperature rises, and panic sets in. Hot and flushed, you don’t know what to wear, your closet feels like it’s overflowing, and every go to item just doesn’t feel right. You either have too many options or nothing at all. Is this a reoccurring feeling? Does this happen every time? How do you get rid of this feeling?

Don’t worry there is always a solution.

We want you to open your closet, save time, and be able to feel great about each item in it. With over 10 years of experience working in the fashion industry. We take out knowledge to get you the results to feel great, express your self, and give you more time to get out in the world and accomplish great things.

We dig deep to find the core problem and we offer sound and reliable solutions.

Check out our services and packages below and make an appointment to find out what will work for you.

Style Strategy Meeting

an evaluation of your day to day wardrobe, and determining what you need in your closet to elevate your personal style, be functional, and guidelines of what to shop for.

Closet Rehab

a complete overhaul of your closet and wardrobe. We purge the bad, fix what’s okay, and keep what you love, and re-organize it to make getting dressed that much easier.

Emergency Online Styling

Work with us via Skype, this service is only offered after a closet rehab or style strategy meeting. Have a last minute event, need an outfit? Call us via Skype or Face time, and we will help you look and feel great!

Elevated Shopping experience

Shopping with a personal stylist, to work in your price point, and learn the secrets of how to make shopping a pleasurable and efficient experience

Luxury Style Transformation

A comprehensive program that evaluates, cleans, and redefines your closet and personal style, and educates you on what clothes, fabrics, and colors you should be shopping, and bonus learn how to shop and save money.

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