Luxury Style Transformation

Luxury Style Transformation

A comprehensive coaching process that will completely overhaul and define your personal style and wardrobe. We guide you through customized phases to help you create your own style self-awareness more love for your wardrobe, facilitate more efficiency in your getting ready process, and teach you how to define where you need to build on your wardrobe and how to shop!

Phase 1 : Wardrobe Cleanse

Once we have determined your closet type and identified where you want out of your transformation, we start the purge. We assist you with identifying what items to trash, alter, and keep. Once you have cleansed, you can visually see where you need to go. It’s the first step, into having total style self-awareness. We guide you in your transformation and help you really flush out your past discomfort in your wardrobe, and begin a journey to more clarification. Please note: Any items needing alterations can be done through our tailoring service at an additional cost.

Phase 2 : Shop Your Closet

 Now that we have cleaned, you’re ready to dive into what we have kept, and create some great new looks. You set the pace, we shop your closet to create a full head to toe looks based on what’s in your closet. We take digital photos of the full look, and close up’s of the items, and come back to you within the week with a full book of the images. As well as at least one alternative option, such as flats or heels, giving you options.During this time we will coach you on why these looks look good on your body shape, give you clear direction of your style self-awareness, and set the parameters of how you will build on what you currently have.

Phase3 : Wardrobe Replenishment

Starting with foundations and basics, we determine what you need to add to your wardrobe starting at the undergarments, and work our way outward to find pieces that will be the backdrop for your personal style.

The first session

you are taken to the best lingerie store in your area for your budget and size. We work with them to make sure your body will be comfortable and transformed to work for your everyday life.

The next session

 we have gets you basics . We have already determined what components you need to add, so we are now going to shop the store for/with you, so you come in and find exactly what you need right in the fitting room. No carrying clothes and you have us right there to offer recommendations on fit, and possible alterations that may be necessary. We stick to your budget and make sure the stores/brands shopped are of high quality, so that your basics, last you for many years.

In a final session

we enhance your personal style, we have spent time with you, we find items clothing, shoes, or accessories, that’s the only purpose is to be worn, because they help you exude, and share your personality.

Phase 4 : Style Incorporation & Wardrobe plan

We come back to your closet, incorporate all that was purchased, and add more outfits your Wardrobe Guidebook, we then add your Wardrobe Report Card, that sets you up with specifics on where to shop, what clothing shapes fit your body, what fabrics feel best, and what colors will align with your style self-awareness.

Additional Luxury Services offered exclusively to those who participate in our Luxury Style Transformations

Continued Wardrobe Care-

After your you have gone through your style transformation, we offer a monthly or bi-monthly appointment to have continued care of all clothing and closet. This package includes:

  • Fitting and collecting of any clothing that needs to be altered and or repaired (pricing on alterations not included) .
  • Collecting and Dropping off clothing that requires dry cleaning/stain removal. (Cost of Dry Cleaning covered up to $50.00, if cleaning exceeds then client would have to cover cost)
  • A quick cleanse and offer to collect any donations, with the return of tax slip.

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