Closet Rehab

Closet Rehab

  1. We Cleanse your wardrobe -We start with the purge. We assist you with identifying what items to trash, alter, and keep. Once you have cleansed, you can visually see where you need to go. We give you honest feed back on how things fit your body, what colors work, and what items work in your day to day life. Any items needing alterations can be done through our tailoring service at an additional cost.
  2. We Re-Organize your closet- We work with you to make your closet not only look better, but function better. Together we create a system that creates cleanliness, efficiency, and more ease for you when getting dressed.

Closet Rehab is also part of our Luxury Style Transformations. Email us at to schedule your closet rehab, still not sure? Schedule a free 15 minute discovery call via email, and let’s give you more clarity!

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