Elevated Shopping Experience

Elevated Shopping Experience

Do you hate shopping, because it’s impossible to find what you want in the mall, and online shopping has left you feeling sour. When you do find one good fitting item, Do you buy it in every color? And do you feel like your wardrobe doesn’t really express your personality? or function well for your day-to-day lifestyle?


We offer two different type of elevated shopping experiences.

1 : Curated Shopping

Make an appointment to shop our high-end boutique, in our luxurious mobile truck. You tell us your sizes before we come and we come to your house or office so you can shop our quality curated brands!

2 : Curated Shopping

Meet us for some fun and educational shopping, we spend time together after a quick phone session, to shop stores, and items picked out for you before you get there. During that time, we teach you the best items to be on the look out for, and we will stick with in your budget. As well, we will teach you some of our favorite tricks for saving money while shopping.

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