What’s NEXT: What todo after you fill out our Personal Style Assesment

You can call to set up a free 15 minute consultation to review the results of your Personal Style Assesment or you can read our series here on recommended next steps and how to anazlyze each section:

Part 2: How to Interpret your answers for Emotions

Question 1: Relates to Stress and what emotions you feel while getting dressed at any point

When we are stressed and getting dressed we might create more negative emotions which will then give us less confidence. This means if your feeling any negative emotions while getting dresses we need to change that.

Question 2: Relates to how you think other percieve how you look

Now conventionally getting dressed is a practical exercise of protecting our bodies from the elements. However, while the function of getting dressed is utilitarian, it can be helpful to view it as form of expression and personal joy. How you think other’s percive you may indicate wheather you are aligned and can define your personal style after this assesment. How confident you are that you are expressing your self properly and other percive it correctly may also play into how you determine you need to adjust your style.

While we believe you should really only be getting dressed for your own desires, sometimes public perception is important so this question lets us know how important that is in your wardrobe.

Question 3: Do you have a go to outfit

This is simple we like to help our customers define their outfit equation, it gives them a box to make creating outfits easily. This also helps us understand if you find particular items comfortable. We are staunch believers that in order for you to be confident in how you are dressed you need to be comfortable.

Question 4: What challenges do you feel about your wardrobe

This is also straight forward in order for us to help you build a solution we need to know what areas of your closet, wardrobe and style are creating pain. Can’t fix something if you don’t know where to start or how it makes you feel.

Questions 8 through 12: The Multiple choice section

Based on your answers we feel you may recommend a different variety of next steps. Similar to Part One these next questions were ment to give us a sense of how to best attack helping you to define your personal style. Is there mainly confusion, do you need professional assistance, or can we recommend some DIY solutions.

Mostly A & Bs: If you answered with Mostly A’s and B’s you most likely already are self aware to be able to accurately define your personal style. You would probably be considered a minimalist or in the more Classic style. If you feel you have nothing to wear your next steps probably involve making a seasonal vision board, playing in your closet to create some new outfit combinations, and assesing after that if you need to make a shopping trip to add a few new items to create some new outfits.

Mostly Cs through Fs: If you answered with Mostly C’s through F’s you most likely already are self aware to be able to accurately define your personal style and it’s eclectic. You get dressed to self express, and you know how todo that. If you feel you have nothing to wear and you answered mostly similarly in part 1 of the assesment we recommend considering a closet purge and re-shop. You probably don’t need anything new to add to your wardrobe. You might want to consider doing Mandy Lee’s “75 Style Hard Challenge” .

Mostly G through H with a few As mixed through out: You mostly get dressed for utilitarian purposes. Your personal style may be that way for a variety of reasons you may have gone through something traumatic or you get decision fatigue easily. The question we want you to answer is do you want to stick with utilitarian expresson of clothing or do you want to dress with more self expression. We mostly like recommend a combination of taking a few more assesments and creating a vision board and anylizing it further if you want to make a change. If you are keeping in utilitarian we probably would say just do a quick assesment of your closet and see what items may need upgrading, mending, or replacing.

Mix of it all: Well at this point if your all over the place, we are going to recommend you start with a vision board and some wardrobe goal setting exercises either seasonally. Then once those are completed we would recommend a Closet Purge and re-shop, maybe also mixed in with variation of a no buy and style challenge. During the challenge you will be able to make some assements and come back and have a better understanding of what works for you closet organization wise and what actually in your wardrobe you want to keep. Once you have created some lists/piles/goals we would recommend either shopping, mending, or building out some new closet architecture.

Have some more questions? Email Orly@zahavischwartz.com and she can get you scheduled for your free 15 minute personal style assesment

Note if you have specific questions about Closet Architeture or a Closet Purge or a Closet Re-shop you can purchase indivualized in-person services(NJ/NY/EASTERN PA/CT ONLY) or virtual sessions. We also will be releasing our popular classes we teach with Ridgewood Community School Virtually by the end of 2024. If you would like a step by step DIY version be on the look out for those or join us in class!