What to Wear: Summer 2024 Office Outfit Ideas

We just wanted to share some Oufit Inspiration of what to wear to the office when it’s hot temptures and potentially humid weather! Here are 5 outfits that vary from a conservative full suit dress code to the most casual of business casuals.

Column Linen Skirt and Oversized Blazer

Aside from the easiest color combination of black and white. This modest length skirt when paird with a fitted take top creates visual interest with out playing to hard with proportion. The oversized Blazer gives it a relaxed but professional vibe is perfect for when the AC is blasting inside but can be removed for during a hot commute in the summer heat.

Recommended fabrics: Linen and Cotton

Similar Skirt available Here

Similar Blazer available Here

Fitted Tailored Top and Wide Leg Jeans (or pants)

Is this outfit combination ground breaking no, but will it make you look pulled together on a Thursday or Friday, and still be cool enough for happy hour after? Hell Yea!

Recommended fabrics: Linen and Light weight Denim or Trouser

Similar Top available Here

Similar Jeans available Here

Comfortable loos fit, tailored and put together with a belt

An easy go to outfit that looks put together because of tucking in your shirt fully and accessorizing with a classic belt, tailored bag, and cute heeled sandal

Recommended fabrics: Cotton or Silk Shirt and Light Linen trouser

Similar Belt available Here

SimilarTrouser available Here

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Shirt Dress & Sandals

You can never go wrong with the tailored sillohette of a collared shirt dress. You can go classic and fitted or have a little more confort for summer and consider an unbelted oversized shape, that when belted looks tailored

Recommended fabrics: Cotton and Light Linen

Similar Dress available Here

Similar Shoes available Here

Linen or Cotton Suit

Yes it’s a full suit, but make it cool with a little volume and instead of flats or a heel pair it with a sneaker for a more relaxed vibe layer over camisole or simple tshirt

Recommended fabrics: Cotton or Silk Shirt and Light Linen trouser

Similar Blazer available Here

SimilarTrouser available Here